Durable tools

From generation to generation

Durable tools

From generation to generation

Tools from Norje durable for generations

Norje Smidesfabrik AB manufactures and develops implements in Sweden for wheel loaders, tractors, compact loaders and forklifts. The company was established in 1943 and has since then always strived to offer effective and robust implements of high quality. Through high demands on the manufacturing process as well as materials we can supply implements with strength and durability to customers all over northern Europe.

Why people choose Norje


High quality gives profitability over time


Our products contribute to rationalize our customers work in agriculture, contracting and industry. By offering products of high quality we give our customers higher value through availability, durability and utilization rate.


Raw material to finished product


From Norje you always get the best. We are proud to manufacture in Sweden, have CE-approved implements, raw material of high quality and an environmental thinking runs through the company. After more than 70 years in the business we have a large inventory of parts and know the importance of fast deliveries.


Inhouse manufacturing gives great opportunities


Inhouse manufacturing gives high flexibility to adapt products according to customer’s request. By using our standard models we can easily offer completely unique products for our customers. At Norje adapting for customers is standard! Today we can offer more than 80 different couplings/suspensions directly mounted on the implement.

Tired of implements that don’t last?

At Norje Smidesfabrik AB we manufacture implements that will last for many years. Please compare us with other brands and notice the difference. We manufacture everything in-house which gives us total control of the process, we use extra high grade steel, we use robot welding for volume products as well as we have the opportunity to make products for special request. We have the experience, the knowledge and the will to supply the best possible product at a competitive price. Please contact us if you wish to have more information.


– From generation to generation

Our products are available at retailers all over the country


Status after the fire

I går förmiddag började taket på Norje Smidesfabrik brinna. Efter fyra timmar fick brandmännen branden under kontroll. Ingen person kom till skada. Det var bara en del av taket som förstördes i en av byggnaderna. Brandmännen berömde personalen som agerade snabbt med...

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Norje investerar för framtiden

En utbyggnad samt ny svetsrobot beräknas stå färdig i början av 2018 på fabriksområdet strax utanför Sölvesborg. Den nya svetsroboten ersätter en äldre modell och ska höja produktiviteten med 15%, ge högre precision och förbättrad arbetsmiljö genom ny ventilation. Den...

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Planeringsskopa med grävfäste

Nu lanserar vi möjligheten att beställa våra populära frontplaneringsskopor med grävfästen. Planeringsskopa N103 eller Planeringsskopa N303 med t ex S60, S50, S45 eller S40 fäste (fästet kan monteras framåt eller bakåt), samt även den efterfrågade möjligheten till...

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Quality suppliers

To be able to offer our customers the best possible product in material and manufacturing we only use suppliers that can offer the highest quality.

Made in Sölvesborg since 1943

Norje Smidesfabrik is a company with experience and knowledge when it comes to manufacturing implements. The company was founded in 1943 by Gösta Hermansson and is today run by the third generation in the family. The company has grown to become one of Swedens largest implement manufacturers.
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